57157: Columbus, OH – IT – AGR – Programmer 4/PR4

Job Title: Programmer 4 / PR4
NFP Rate: $52.13
Will close to submissions: Monday 10/29/18 at 10:00am EST
Interviews: Onsite interviews required

Candidates without extensive Winforms experience will not be forwarded to the manager.

Short Description:

The Programmer is responsible for analysis, design, coding, component and assembly testing. The focus will be on participating as a member of a development team charged with a rewrite of the Weights and Measures Inspection and Licensing System.

Agency Overview:

The Ohio Department of Agriculture provides leadership for Ohio’s No. 1 industry – food and agriculture. The department administers numerous regulatory, food safety and consumer protection programs for the benefit of all Ohioans and helps build marketing opportunities for Ohio farmers and food processors. Department staff members inspect meat, poultry, food and dairy processing facilities, in addition to large livestock and other farms. The Ohio Department of Agriculture also houses a food, animal, and plant safety laboratory network that hosts a flurry of scientific activity, including analyzing everyday food and milk products and testing for deadly diseases like anthrax, West Nile, and Avian Influenza. The agency web site is located at www.agri.ohio.gov.


The rewrite and platform refresh of the Weights and Measures Inspection Licensing System will be the primary focus. The legacy application is coded in WinForms and connected to SQL Server 2008 R2 databases via an OLE connection.  The corresponding SQL databases contain complex stored procedures, views, and functions which must be evaluated, modified and created.  Programmer should have proficiency with SQL and interfaces (SQL Server Manager, SQL Studio Management). Weights and Measures employees manage regulatory, licensing and inspection functions via a complex compiled WinForms project. The agency is shifting the development platform from an older WinForms design and paper process to a modern WinForms/C# platform. The rewrite is the primary responsibility but the legacy WinForm application may also require maintenance and support during the engagement.

The programmer must fit in teamwork environment as well as follow direction.  Programmer may be responsible for all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); gather project business requirements, analysis of hardware/software requirements, design forms and reports, database modifications, code review, unit testing, user support and training, and maintenance.  Development will be performed in a test environment and promoted to production environment upon approval by senior developer or supervisor.  Participation in a modified Agile work environment (i.e., SCRUM) will be necessary. Programmer must use established formats, review and understand existing code, controls, SQL stored procedures and views.   The programmer must adhere to agency coding standards, procedures, and complete documentation such as impact analysis and change control. Use of third party tools is prohibited without prior approval by the project programmer or supervisor.  Programmer will participate in weekly developer working group meetings to discuss progress, obstacles, timelines, and goals.

Working hours will be 5 days a week; 8 hours per day - starting no earlier than 8:00AM and ending no later than 5:00PM. State holidays will be observed.

Skill Set:

Visual Studio 2017 (WinForms, Solution, Projects)                               Required    4

T-SQL (Stored Procedures/Views)                                                            Required      4

C#                                                                                                                      Required     4

Object Oriented Programming Experience                                         Nice to Have     2

ADO.Net                                                                                                       Required            3

MS-SQL Server/Express                                                                              Required         4

Telerik (WinForms/Reporting)                                                                      Required      2

SQL Replication (Merge)                                                                           Nice to have       3

4 Year Degree or Equivalent                                                                        Required

MS-SQL Server Tools                                                                                    Required         4

3-Tier Development                                                                                        Required        2



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