What we offer

Unparalleled experience

Our combined IT experiences across a diversified landscape of Defense, State/Local Government, Telephony, Financial, Industrial, Inventory, Supply Chain and Professional entities affords us the experience and the know-how to execute the most efficient and effect solutions for your organization.

Depth of Knowledge

Hardware, Firmware, Software... Architecture, Design, Development, Test, Deployment, Maintenance and Decommissioning.    We've done it all and have done it well. (and probably have the testimonials not to mention T-shirts or coffee mugs to prove it!).    This "master mechanics"  toolbox of abilities makes "NFP" the logical choice for any organizational IT need or service.


Technology for technologies sake is an academic exercise and has little value in the organization.   Our solutions keep the organization and it's business drivers in the forefront at all times


Our credo is to "do the right thing for the right reasons".   Often this transcends mere "bottom line" concerns.  Our organization fosters an environment of "work to live" vs "live to work".  We attract like minded individuals and encourage thinking and experiences that elevate community (local and extra-local!).   Compensation has "arbitrary" value .... meaning its not what you have or accumulate, but rather what you do with your compensation that attributes value to it.   We are top shelf professionals not because of the dollar value we can demand, but because of the stewardship of our monies.


a few words about us

NFP origins

NFP started in 1990.   David Barragan worked for a now "defunct" Texas based aerospace company, Technology Development Corporation (TDC).  He was was transferred from Baltimore Maryland to Columbus Ohio to work at the Centralized Test and Integration Facility (CTIF).   Dave lead a team of engineers working on Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) in support of the US Air Force's B1-Bomber program. As the Berlin wall came down and the defense industry began a rapid decompression, Dave led a small band of engineers in a "one-off" effort, to reverse engineer a series of Test Program Sets (TPSs) related to the Fokker 100 aircraft for Aerospace Technologies Group (also now defunct) in support of Grimes Aerospace.    Then "NFP" was an acronym for the "Not For Profit guys" as their efforts gleaned new computing equipment and stock options more so than financial compensation!

Over the years as Dave pursued his professional career in IT (telephony, protocol stacks, 3G/4G languages, databases, inventory, storage, finance, virtualization, managment, staffing ) , he continued to do personal consulting work under the moniker of "NFP", For other small companies and local industries (Daniels Engineering, Montmaps, Harrop Industries Inc).   In 2014 Dave left his position as a Vice President and Senior Architect/Engineering Lead for JP Morgan Chase and formally incorporated "New Frontier Professionals".  Years of successful leadership and technology experience leveraged against years of relationships developed across various business sectors and technology providers has yielded an IT  firm without peer and quite literally "at your service"!