49320: Columbus, OH – IT – DMR – Program Manager 5/PM5

Job Title: Project Manager 5

Will close to submissions: Tuesday 10/24/2017 at 10:00am EST
Interview: Onsite interviews required. Do not submit candidates that are unable to interview onsite.

DODD is looking for a Project Manager (PM). The PM will be well versed in PM best practice and certified. Additionally the select PM candidate will have a working background or foundational knowledge of AGILE software development practice. DODD is a Microsoft-centric shop. Experience with Microsoft Visual Studio for user story management is preferred.
.  The PM will have responsibility for interaction with Business, IT staff, other stakeholders in order to support all aspects of program and project management across the DODD enterprise.
.  Works tasks assigned will be dynamic and vary by need of the fluid DODD enterprise application development lifecycle. In the DODD agile environment the incumbent will support DODD projects in working with assigned staff to ensure full visibility in terms of user stories, will assist other Project Manager in ensuring direct project support, cross project integrations, and support of tangential activities that broadly support the project success.
.  The Project Manager directs, controls, administers, and regulates an enhancement or development program. The Project Manager is the individual ultimately responsible to the agency. The Project Manager's primary responsibility is to drive the entire effort from start to finish. The Project Manager must ensure that the program is completed on schedule and that the final product meets the business, technical, and established quality requirements.
Years of Relevant Experience:
8 to 9 years
Preferred Education:
4 year college degree or equivalent technical study.
Role Description:
• Manages, coordinates, and establishes priorities for complete life-cycle of projects including the planning, design, programming, testing, and implementation of business solutions designed to meet requirements of various departments in the company, such as distribution, finance, and manufacturing.
• Designs project plans, which identify needs and define major tasks and milestones, based on scope, resources, budget, and personnel.
• Demonstrated ability to work with MS suite of tools to support Program/Project and Business analysis Functions
• Working knowledge of Business Analysis and Quality Analysis on large scale enterprise projects
• Ability to interact with a diverse group of staff including line of business and technical staff
• Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills
• Previous experience in enterprise program/project planning and management functions
• Experience using Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation platform to be used in managing using story backlog and tracking work items, etc..
• Experience in an AGILE working environment

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