State of Ohio Job Postings

NFP provides supplemental staffing to the State of Ohio.  This can be "pass through" via one of our larger partners, but often we will provide the state with personnel directly.   Direct hires are W2'd through NFP but because of our extremely low overhead this often means MUCH higher rates for the employee.

Check back here often for new postings!  Reference the "active" postings in the navigation panel to the right; these are updated daily.

As a certified MBE/EDGE participant,  we receive supplemental staff postings before they are "opened" up to the full market.  Make sure you read the descriptions carefully as often there is additional information such as when resumes will be "sent" to the hiring manager.    If you do decide to have NFP post on your behalf, please email a resume to us at (MS Word is preferred by the OHMSP "Knowledge Services").

Knowledge Services uses for all their Vendor Management Services, including resume presentation and any requested ancillary documentation.  If selected for a posting all hours will also be tracked through   Resumes are required to be a MS Word doc(x).

For each posting you'd like us to submit on your behalf, there must be an accompanying "Right to Represent" (RTR) email.  (see Knowledge Services documentation for more nuts/bolts descriptions), basically all this means is for each posting you must send a separate email to "" with the following in the body of the mail (insert your name and the posting ID where appropriate):

“I, <YOUR NAME> , give New Frontier Professionals the ability to submit my resume to dotStaff™ Posting ID <#####> .”

This Right to Represent is not a legal binding document at all, but merely a mechanism that Knowledge System is implementing to help them keep track of who (i.e., Which MBE/Contractor) submitted a resume and for what posting and when.

Resumes will not be considered for these postings without the RTR email.

Resumes will be retained and re-used for additional postings and so need not be "resent" for each posting, but feel free to send a new or updated resume if the posting or your circumstances warrant an new/specific resume.

Contact us at for any questions regarding this process