69544: Columbus, OH – IT – DODD – Technical Specialist 4/TS4

Position Title: Technical Specialist 4
NFP rate: $86.82
Submissions close on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 @ 10 am EST
Skype interviews will be considered for this position.

DODD requires two references per candidate (listed at the bottom of resume). DODD requests the candidate's previous two managers. Include manager name, email address, and phone number. Resumes without references included will be rejected.

The Department of Developmental Disabilities implementing Salesforce and Azure DevOps and is need of one (1) Technical Specialist to assist in configuring the architecture. This effort will establish standards, processes and procedures for managing software development, deployment, and versioning controls. As Microsoft is the predominate platform for DODD, the technical specialist will also need to establish integration for Salesforce with Dynamics 365 platform and creating complete application lifecycle management for Salesforce, upgrade from TFS to Microsoft Azure DevOps, and support the SharePoint cloud environment.

Roles and Responsibilities
• Implementation of Salesforce Release Management using Flosum;
• Develop standards and migration procedures;
• Implement a continuous integration strategy and train DODD staff;
• Implement automated and continuous testing;
• Implement automated release management and version controls;
• Establish proactive monitoring and analytics for the production environment;
• Provide strategic consultation to business and IT management to establish quality controls for continuous software deployment;
• Perform migration from older version of TFS to Azure;
• Provide strategic consultation on integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce;
• Provide support for Microsoft SharePoint cloud environment.

Skills and Credentials:
• Ability to present, communicate and lead the Salesforce implementation
• Training/Certification in Salesforce;
• Training/Certification in Microsoft Azure DevOps;
• Two (2)+ years of experience configuring Salesforce;
• Seven (7)+ years of Information Technology experience;
• Five (5)+ years of experience with Microsoft Azure;
• Three (3) + years leading and/or performing implementations of DevOps in Microsoft Azure;
• Four (4)+ years of experience with Microsoft SharePoint.
• Experience in multiple versions of Microsoft TFS;
• Experience in implementing Flosum is required;
• Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments;
• Experience with RPA technologies are preferred.

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