60476: Columbus, OH – IT – INS – Senior Architect 1/SAR1

Job Title: Senior Architecht 1/SAR1
NFP Rate: $82.64
Interviews: Onsite Interviews Only
Will Close to Submissions on: Thursday 3/21 @ 10AM

There is a possibility this position will be extended int oFY20- however it is not certain at this point.

Skills No of Years
Experience in designing and implementing access management solutions using Federated authentication/SAML/ OAuth/Open ID connect, and authorization/access control models 3
 Strong knowledge of Active Directory, ADLDS, and AZMAN 3
Experience implementing single sign-on solutions for web based applications utilizing username/password, tokens, SAML, delegated authentication, and two-factor authentication mechanisms 3
Experience in building distributed/service oriented /microservice application architecture using Microsoft .NET MVC. 8
Experience with cloud-based development platforms (Azure) 3
Experience in JQuery, KnockoutJS ,Bootstrap , Angular 2
Expert with PL/SQL and stored procedures  in Oracle and SQL Server 5
Experience with participating in SCRUM and/or Agile methodologies, and following timelines to complete projects on time 4
Experience leading/mentoring team members 5
Experience in triage and troubleshooting issues. 3
Demonstrate organizational and interpersonal skills


Complete Description: The ALPS project name: INS ODIIS ENH

The Department’s enterprise application has developed based on the Service Oriented Architecture principles, with over 30 services and over 15 UI applications using MS MVC Framework 4.0/5.0 (Razor engine) with JQuery, KnockoutJS and Bootstrap. Application authenticate against on-prem AD and role based authorization is achieved using ADLDS/ADAM.

The Contractor is responsible for refactoring the architecture of identity and access management of department’s enterprise application.  The new architecture should facilitate department’s future goal of using ODX (Ohio Digital experience) identity management solution and create a new fine-grain authorization method replacing current ADLDS/ADAM. The new development should be completed in a manner that is consistent with cloud-based development standards to facilitate the future move to Azure.

The Department has multiple application environments for development, deployment, and testing of the system (Development, QA, Pre-Production, and Production).  The contractor will work with other ODI employees and contractors to ensure proper progression of the delivered product through each of these environments.  The development team members also work with the database team to ensure that related database scripts and database schema changes are implemented correctly and timely.

Each environment consists of multiple web/application servers (currently Windows/IIS) in a web farm configuration.  All development is performed utilizing standard development environment (Visual Studio 15 or later) and Oracle PL/SQL developer.





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