57148: Columbus, OH – IT – JFS – Program Manager 5/PM5

Job Title: Program Manager 5/PM5
NFP Rate: $89.33
Will close to submissions: Monday 10/29 10AM
Interviews: Onsite interviews only

This consultant could potentially convert to a FTE @ JFS. JFS is not able to sponsor H1 Visa holders.


Program Manager

This position performs a combination of contract, performance, relationship, and risk management roles within the Office of Business Alignment and IT Strategy. He or she owns and must understand contractual and operational working relationships with vendors to ensure that contractual commitments are delivered across the Agency. This role oversees Personal Service contracts.

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

  • Establish internal policies, guidelines, standards, processes, and templates for working with vendors.
  • Create Checklist for contract procedures.
  • Review Statement of Work items to decide correct procurement vehicles
  • Develop metrics across key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure strong performance mgmt.
  • Review and where necessary author RFP’s, RFQ’s, RLB’s, DBITS and Task orders to ensure policies and procedures are followed, proposals have clear deliverables, evaluation criteria and pay points
  • Establish and execute relationships, processes and mechanisms to
  • Manage entire contract lifecycle – Setup, Award, Monitor, Close/Terminate
  • Provide guidance to choose appropriate procurement vehicles
  • Interface with Program Offices, Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Office of Contracts Administration (OCA), Legal, OIS Technical teams for a smooth and efficient award of contract
  • Provide support/guidance to internal staff that manage vendor projects
  • Monitor contracts while interfacing with Contract Managers across different Program offices
  • Provide regular updates to Senior management and Stakeholders
  • Recommend and implement structure/tools for use in vendor management, including vendor tracking, analytics, and performance management tools (centralized repository, contract management tool, scorecards and dashboards).
  • Assist in evaluation of Vendor proposals, IT procurement, selection criteria, procedures, and best-practice tools and templates.
  • Assist procurement staff to optimize the procurement of cost-effective acquisitions
  • Act as a mediator for internal conflicts regarding budgets, projects, and other issues related to IT vendor management
  • Classify, rationalize, and optimize the vendor portfolio, and focus on managing the strategic vendors
  • Collect, consolidate, and communicate detailed reports and key vendor data to stakeholders on vendor performance, risk, and relationships. Foster analytics-driven decisions based on this data.
  • Develop vendor scorecards and dashboards that present relevant data tailored to the audience
  • Build a main vendor repository to ensure effective contract management and vendor relationships, and plan for major software upgrades, ensuring that change management procedures/methodologies are used.
  • Customer-focused approach to delivering contract management services to internal customers.


  • Strong relationship and interpersonal skills to be applied when working with Program office, internal staff and vendors across the entire contract life cycle.
  • Knowledge of IT concepts and systems, especially outsourced services and Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • Ability to manage conflicting stakeholder needs and wants
  • Ability to distinguish what is required versus what is "nice to have," and ability to manage conflicting stakeholder needs and wants
  • Strong ability to communicate with OIS staff, legal and procurement staff, and program leaders to craft contracts that align complex needs with contractual requirements to achieve program outcomes

Please Note

  • This is a contract to hire position
  • The Vendor will not be able to bid on contracts that are worked by this position

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