54434: Columbus, OH – IT – DMR – Product Specialist 5/PS5

Job Title: PS5
NTE Rate: $98.78
Will close to submissions: Friday 6/29/18 at 10:00am EST
Interviews: Skype or onsite interview.

Job Description:

The Product Specialist is the expert for a technical development or execution environment product or set of products. The primary responsibility of a Product Specialist is to ensure the availability and facilitate the productive use of a product for Application Teams or end users. The DODD Product Specialist for this engagement will be well versed in OLTP/OLAP/Data warehouse modeling including multidimensional modeling and standard ETL tools processes and databases associated with BI/DW

The Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) is the fourth largest state agency with over 3000 employees providing direct care to individuals. Over 300 staff located in central Ohio, provide oversight for almost 100,000 individuals receiving services from county boards; central office staff also administer 3 Medicaid waiver programs whose 8000 providers deliver service and supports to 27,000 individuals representing 1.2 billion dollars in claims. The data warehouse program was implemented to provide data integration using cutting edge technologies to support business process improvement. The data warehouse is built on cutting edge technologies and hardware with demonstrated cost benefits. The warehouse presents data in a common aggregated format supported by advanced ETL processes that allow users to do ad hoc reporting on data in order to allow for fresh perspectives on data while supporting common results. The approach also maintains access to historical data reporting. DODD has focused on multi-faceted approach to ensure success of the project. Efforts include infrastructure, ETL, and process.

DODD is currently seeking a senior level person with complete and demonstrable understanding of data warehousing concepts. Additionally, the candidate should possess a strong knowledge of ETL processes including a complete functional understanding with hands on experience using Microsoft SSIS packages for the migration of data between OLTP, staging and OLAP environments. This understanding would include hands on experience in control and data flow with SSIS. The candidate will also possess fluency in normalization of table structures and have demonstrated modeling experience with hub and spoke architectures. The candidate will be part of the DODD BI DW team working on support and continued enhancements of the aforementioned project.
Five years of experience with OLTP/OLAP/Data warehouse modeling
- Multidimensional Model
- Data Vault Model
- Relational Model
- Entity-relationship Model

Five years of experience with ETL/ETL using SSIS/TSQL (Knows control flow and data flow items and can demonstrate usage of each. Understands and can independently setup/configure SISS packages to run in production)

Five years of experience with Data Dictionary, Data Cleansing, Data Integration and Data Flow Design.

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